Book Ilona for Presentations at your Workplace, Sports Club, Golf Club, Bridge Club, School, for a presentation on healthy eating in general, followed by a Q&A session. Ilona will create a taylor-made presentation according to your time frame and topics you wish to see covered. She would recommend a presentation of min. 30-45min, followed by a20min Questions and Answers session. If you like to make it a bit more interesting, at an extra cost she will provide food samples.

Cost: Please contact us for a personalised quote

Group Workshops

This is a program that is ideal if you don't want to spend as much money for a One-to-one, if you prefer a group setting and if you like to "try" Nutritional coaching. This is a 4-week program where you meet once a week in a small group of max. 7 people.

At each meeting will cover certain topics around nutrition and eating habits, and will then provide time for  Q&A, as well as group discussions and motivation.  There will be some homework as well for the week.

Topics that will be covered, are general healthy eating, tips to implement healthy eating into a busy life-style, tips for effective and long-lasting weight loss, tips for suitable exercise plans and there will also be an optional additional evening/day for acooking demonstration.The emphasis is on active participation rather than simply listening to a presentation. You will not have to count calories or points, there won't be sins or cheat meals, and you don't have to weigh-in and you're not being poked with fat calipers. This is about educating and motivating you, so that you are empowered to make your own choices.

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One to one session

The most effective of all programs is a one-to-one session. This is a very personalised approach specifically designed for you. In the same way, as you won't just get fit by running one 5-k-run, you won't just change your diet long term by seeing a Nutritional Therapist just for one session. It takes just over 2 months to create a new habit, therefore our individual packages take 9 weeks. Depending on the intensity and money you want to spend, there are different packages on offer.

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Cooking Demonstrations

For the cooking demonstrations, we have teamed up with Fiona's Fine Food. Fiona who is a trained Ballymaloe chef, does these very popular cooking demonstrations at her beautiful kitchen in Foxrock, Co. Dublin. We give a brief presentation on healthy eating and the specific topic like weight loss, healthy eating for busy mums, healthy eating for athletes, etc. After this the cooking demonstrations will take about 2hours and are followed by a dinner or lunch at which the chef Fiona, and our Nutritional Coach will be available for Questions and Answers.

Cost: please enquire at Fiona's Fine Food