About Ilona Madden

I've always been interested in a healthy life-style and how food affects us. I have also always been interested in natural healing and alternative treatments rather than just taking medication. 

When I was just over 40, I was unhappy, unfit, and I was putting on weight, which I couldn't shift any more. I embarked on a new journey by introducing running to my daily routine and that made me look more into what I was eating. After seeing a Nutritional Therapist, I made small changes which had a huge effect on my energy levels and general well-being. The changes were so profound that I knew I had to share this knowledge and I trained as a Nutrition & Health Coach first at the IINH (Irish Institute for Nutrition & Health) with a BTEC and ITEC Qualification, and then continued on to train as Nutritional Therapist (Crossfield). While I was studying I also worked for a weightloss clinic, motivating and supporting many people on their weight loss journey.

In the last 10years, I have  completed several marathons, and lots of shorter races but I also started with Crossfit, I play golf, do yoga and regularly walks my dogs. I am now by far now fitter,more flexible and have more energy than ever before in my life.

I am so passionate about how food can influence everyone's life that I simple feel I have the obligation to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. I strongly believes that nutrition that is good and healthy for you is as individual as everybody, therefore you won't find any endorsements of one diet over another. Check out the different ways Ican help you - Services

Ilona and Tess

"Our bodies are absolutely amazing and when we look after them well, and feed them only what they are designed to deal with, they will look after us and make us feel and look great again! Let me help you along the way!"  Ilona Madden

What does a Nutritional Therapist do?

A lot of diet recommendations from doctors, dieticians, health organisations like Heart Foundation or Osteoporosis Society, etc,are for a wide group of people, and are often regulated and standardised.

A Nutritional Therapist on the other hand will work with your specific goals and will help you find a way to eat a sustainable, healthy diet for a life-time. A Nutritional Therapist can give you the latest most up-to-date information on nutritional science and research data.

Nutritional Therapy works with you, based on your life-style, food preferences, financial background, fitness levels, health issues, etc. We set goals for you like weight loss, better health, better energy, better performance, etc and work within a realistic time frame.

Nutritional Therapy takes a holistic approach and does not just focus on one particular aspect of your health.

Nutritional Therapy is there for you when your doctor told you "to eat healthy and exercise more" and you don't know where to start.

Nutritional Therapy uses Functional testing such as Stool tests, SIBO test, various test for various hormones to establish root causes for many issues which might be holding you back from losing those stubborn pounds or from full health.

Nutritional Therapy is like a Personal Trainer for Eating!

Give it a try and find the Service that suits you best.

I am a member of the NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland). Find out more about NTOI.

I am also an associate with the Zest4Life program. Find out more about Zest4Life.