Healthy Eating Made Easy - Kick start Healthy Eating

Next workshop: 23rd October 2018, 7-9.30pm, Royal Hotel, Bray

Topics to be covered:

  • Diet & Disease Link, Why should we eat “healthy”? What is healthy eating? How do we understand the confusion about Healthy Eating better?
  • Blood Sugar Balancing / Low G.I. foods
  • Keys to more energy and weight control
  • Organising and incorporating Healthy Eating habits and life-style
  • Simple, easy to follow practical tips
  • Hand-outs: with tips and recipes

Cost: € 25 per person

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Why do you keep choosing unhealthy foods in a restaurant and supermarket?

Next workshop: 30th October, 7-9.30pm, Royal Hotel, Bray (limited to 10people)

Have you often been annoyed at yourself when you set out to eat healthy when going out and then you end up ordering the chips again? Have you often wondered why when you are shopping you end up buying things that are not on your shopping list?

This will be a very practical evening: we start with looking at a typical restaurant and bar menu and discuss how we make choice, but also learn how we can influence ourselves to make better choices. How do we break habits such as having to order a dessert even though we are full already?

The second part of the evening will bring us to the local Supermarket nearby. We will go through your typical shopping list and analyse where you can make simple changes. We analyse food labels and how supermarkets try to sell you - often unhealthy things as being healthy.

Cost €25 per person

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Life begins at 40!

This is a summarised version of my day-long workshop on female health for the over 40 females.

This course is designed to help you sail through the menopause with as few symptoms and stay fit and healthy into old age. Many women experience more or less unpleasant changes when our hormones suddenly go crazy, such as mood swings, weight gain, night sweats, hot flushes, sleepless nights, to name a few. Supporting your body with the right nutrients during this time is absolutely vital. You've just raised your kids, youre on top of your carreer and now want to get most of your life, but suddenly you feel dreadful - you don't have to! This evening will just give you a few tips on where and how to get started.

Next workshop: 6th November 2018, 7-9.30, Royal Hotel, Bray, Cost: €25 per person

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