Friday, 8th March 2019 - 11am

Are you addicted to sugar?

This talk takes up the theme of sugar addictions, and explains the scientific background on why we find it so hard to give up sugar. 
More importantly though, during this talk, Ilona will also give you very practical and motivational tips on how you can reduce sugar in your daily diet, without feeling deprived.
She will help you get rid of your "sweet tooth" and sugar cravings, and give you easy and delicious healthier alternatives.
Please book your place at Bray library or by contacting Ilona directly.

Sugar Free Challenges

Many people stil take the opportunity to go sugar-free during lent, it's an old and dying tradtion though as many people move away from religion. However, cutting down on food or fasting is a tradtion in many other religions as well.

We all know that a diet high in sugar can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, damage to arteries, Alzheimers, high cholesterol, PCOS, but also low energy, mood swings, anxiety and depression.

I am excited to give you various options to take on a 2-week sugar-detox this spring. 2 weeks is absolutely manage-able, but those 2 weeks can already give you so many health benefits, such as weight-loss, more energy, less sugar cravings and becoming a better fat burner. You will also however, get the tools and the information to learn about healthy eating habits that you can sustain for more than the 2 weeks!

Regardless, of which course you choose, you will get:
- Recipes in an eBook & shopping list
- Motivation
- Support
- Plenty of information
- Health & Energy assessment
- Loads of Health benefits
- Lose your sugar cravings!

This will take place in a private facebook group. Then you add me as a friend in facebook and I will invite you to the private group. Once in the group you will receive the recipes and daily motivation and tips. You can ask all your questions around this specific plan or any other nutrition related questions you've always wanted to ask. 

You have access to this course from anywhere and anytime!

2. Group workshop in Bray
This course has the same content, but it is for anyone who can come to Bray, and prefers the personal contact. It starts on Tuesday 12 March, and will take place on 3 Tuesdays in a row each evening from 7-9pm. There will be plenty of interaction and workshops during the evenings.

3. One-to-one consultations
You will get 3x 20-min private consultations, on Mondays, at my clinic room at Roche's Chemist, Vevay Road, Bray. You will also get the same course material, but you will get private consultations specifically geared to you.