New Year New You!

Forget January detox, fad diets, food replacements and diet shakes! Don't waste your money on something that sounds promising but will leave you heavier and more frustrated once you've finished. Instead, this time, go on a smart challenge which will show you how to establish healthy habits, which will give you a plan and recipes you can actually keep up for as long as you like. 

You have access to a qualified Nutritional Therapist who knows what she is talking about, and can help you if you suffer from other health conditions that might have been holding you back so far.

The Foodplan has been created by experienced nutritionists with the following goals in mind:

- establish healthy habits

- restore energy levels

- reset your metabolism for fat burning

- support fat loss and improve body composition

- boost your immune system

- o, and lose weight/inches at the same time

The recipes have been designed to meet the following principles:

- low carbohydrate

- blood sugar balancing

- good quality proteins

- good fats

- high nutrient density

- easy to prepare 15-20min max

- gluten free and mininum dairy

1. On-line course throughout January, in a private facebook group

This course can be accessed online at any time from anywhere. You will get daily posts with practical tips about the diet and with lots of motivation. You will be held accountable for and receive the support of the group. 

Once you've booked the course, you will receive the invite to the private group which will open on 1st January, however, you won't start the challenge until Monday 7th January, which will give you plenty of time to prepare and get ready - and finish off the last chocolates and wine.

If you suffer from any health conditions which might have been holding you back from a sustainable weightloss in the past, you can also avail of a free 20-min consultation with Ilona.

Cost: €49

2. Option: 4-week workshop in a small group in Bray

Starting on Wednesday 9th January, 7pm for 2hours with a tea and healthy treat break, 4 evenings in January. You will also receive the same delicious and easy recipes as in the online program with shopping list.

Week 1: 9th January

Introduction to low GL- eating and time restricted eating, the principles and science behind, and how this will help boost your metabolism and help you become a better fat burner, and also help increase your energy levels. You will be given a shopping list and help and advice with planning your meals and preparation of those.

You will do a health & lifestyle assessment, and get explanation on how to measure and weigh yourself.

Week 2: 16th January

Nutrients rich diets: the importance of eating good protein and fats. Explaining nutrients and their role in health. 

How to establish good eating habits that will last, and that you will be able to keep up for life.

Week 3: 23rd January

Bring along your shopping list and we will go to the supermarket that evening. Not only will we have a look at the items on your list but also look at reading labels of various other items. I will show you aisles to avoid and aisles you should spend more time in. I will answer all questions about certain foods you might have always wondered about.

Week 4: 30th January

Revision: Health & Lifestyle assessement and measurements

Tips on Healthy lifestyle and dealing with stress. Impact of sleep and stress on health.

Questions and answers and group discussion around keeping up a good healthy diet. More tips and motivation to keep going

Cost: Early bird until 30th December - €80, then €95 per person

Where: Bray (location will be revealed once you've booked the program)