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Not sure how a nutrition consultation might work and how it can help you? Just contact me to arrange a completely free, no-obligation 20min consultation, with your question around nutrition. I will will give you some free times to get you started. 

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From experience I know that you cannot change your diet in one day or after only reading one article on healthy eating. That's why I don't believe  in only arranging one appointment. You might get some valuable information, but are you going to "stick" to it and implement all the recommendations if you are not held accountable for? Are you motivated enough to implement changes?

You wouldn't go to a gym for one session with a Personal Trainer and expect to be a super-fit person after that one session. It's the same with your diet. It takes time to perfect, but also needs constant adaptation depending on your life-style, circumstances, health, etc. I believe that one session with one of our Nutritional Coaches will bring great benefits, but only a longer term commitment will actually get you real visible results.

On average, it takes just over 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic - 66 days to be exact. This is why all my programmes are 9 weeks long. 

Depending on your budget and available time, you can choose between 3 programmes. You will get results in all three of them. All three are designed to get your kick-started into general healthy eating habits, or help you find the right food plans for you depending on your health issues. 

If you are unsure, let me help you find the right programme for you.

4-Week  "Diet Reboot"

This package is ideal for someone who already has a good understanding of a Low G.L. diet or generally has already a good diet, but needs to get focused again. This is an ideal program if you just want to lose a few pounds for example after Christmas or after the summer. It can also be used as a follow-up program for anyone who already has completed the "Habit Transformation package".

This package does not include a full health-and-lifestyle analysis, so it would not be recommended to anyone with specific health issues.

This package includes:

5 x 30-minutes consultations:

- 1. Meeting: Brief Health & Lifestyle questionnaire during the first appointment. Explanation of basics of low G.L. food plan.

- General food plan, shopping list, recipes

2th Meeting after week 1

3th Meeting after week 2

4th Meeting after week 3

5th Meeting after week 4: Check-in of health and habit improvements. Advice on how to stay on track.

Cost: € 195


9-week "Health & Lifestyle" Transformation 

It takes just over 2 months to create new habits! Learn the intelligent approach to healthy eating. Don't go on a diet, change your habits. If you create lasting, sustainable habits and are being held accountable for you are much more likely to succeed. 

This package includes:

- Health & Energy Assessment and Food Diary to be completed by client at the first meeting

- 1 x 60-min Consultation: Diet/Lifestyle analysis. Recommendation for lifestyle and diet, practical tips, food plans and recipes, specifically designed to your needs

- Full email support during the weeks and weekly check-in by email.

- Continous support, constantly new recipes and motivational tips during the 8-weeks.

- 4 x 30-min consultation, every 2 weeks (over 9 weeks) - can be done personally or via skype

Cost: € 245


9-weeks Complex Health, Fitness & Lifestyle restoration 

This package is for anybody addressing more complex issues, whether these are health or lifestyle related. With this package, you will be asked to fill out a complex Health & Lifestyle analysis which looks at all the bodies systems such as endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive system, etc. This will be analysed and prepared for the first meeting during which those health issues will be discussed and explained in detail. This aims to try and establish the root cause and to establish nutrient status of the client.

This program will be done in conjunction with your GP, it is not an alternative to any conventional treatment, rather it is a complimentary approach.

The initial consultation will take about 1.5 hours, and the following consultations 30minutes. There will be continous regular contact and support in between the appointments.

It takes usually just over 2 months to create new habits. This course is not only educational, but it will work on giving you very practical tips on how to implement everything you learned that you "should be doing" into a daily habit, where you don't have to think about it anymore. 

This package includes:

- Pre-Questionnaire and Food Diary to be completed by client before first meeting

- Analysis of the full pre-questionnaire and food diary

- 1 x 90min Consultation: Diet/Lifestyle analysis. Recommendation for lifestyle and diet, practical tips, food plans and recipes, specifically designed to your needs

- 5 x 30min consultation (over 9-weeks), in person or via skype

- 1 x 60min Post program consultation to discuss health improvements

Cost: € 395


Follow on programmes are available, depending on individual requirements, and will be priced individually

Terms & Conditions:

All my diet and lifestyle recommendations will be based on your personal likes and dislikes, and on your lifestyle. We will work together as a team to try and find ways that suit you best.

I only recommend real foods and possibly if necessary, over-the-counter vitamin or mineral supplements, but you are not being asked to drink or eat any particular "diet products". 

I believe that in order to see results you need to commit to a programme, and by paying in full, you are showing your commitment, however, payment in installments can also be arranged.

- A scheduled appointment has to be cancelled within 24hours, otherwise you loose out.

- Written Terms & Conditions will be handed out and explained in full before the first session.

- GDPR: Any information you send us by email, will be removed from the computer after your first visit and will not be stored digitally anywhere. All your data is kept in printed and written form in a secure, locked filing cabinet without your name, but only a specific code attached to you at your first consulation. We keep your name on our mailing list only with your consent. The mailing list is only used for the newsletter with up-to-date information, recipes and upcoming events. All the information you give us is treated highly confidential and is not passed on to any third parties. For more information, check our GDPR guidelines