Life Begins at 50 - Workshop

Next date: to be confirmed

Venue: tbc, Bray

Who is it for?

Have you ever found yourself saying something like "Sure, I'm not getting any younger", "My joints are just not what they used to be" "I just haven't got the energy anymore now that I'm 50", "Of course I'm putting on weight, I'm just going through the menopause". "I'm having a senior moment here" ?

Do you think it is normal that once you hit 50 that you have less energy, are more likely to put on weight, become let fit and active, be more "hormonal"?

Do you think it's now time for yourself, now that the kids are out of the worse, now that you're at the top of your carrier? And now that you do have that time for yourself you find you're lacking in energy?

I would love to show you that you too can feel absolutely full of energy from the moment you wake up in the morning till the evening, that you can still be as sharp as in your twenties, and that you can still be as fit and as healthy as you like to be.

What will you get out of it?

This will be some talks by myself and also workshops where the audience is involved. Suggested outline of what will be covered during the day:

- Introduction of myself and my story. What is Nutritional Therapy?

- What is going on in our bodies when we age? What is going on during menopause?

- What nutrients do you need? How do you get those? What is the best suitable diet?

- Practical tips with a cooking demonstration of some healthy smoothies and treats

LUNCH break (Suggestion to go for lunch to the Farmers Market in Kilruddery)

- Practical light exercises to re-energise everyone after the lunch break

- The importance of exercise for good health

- The importance of sleep

- Questions and Answers

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