"You are so lucky, you don't put on weight" - Is weight gain a question of luck and good genes? 

(March 2018)

 Is eating Bread healthy? 

(November 2016)

Should obesity be classified as a disease?


 Reading this article made me think, and I believe this is a very tricky question.

I think, I one of the “dangers” of classifying obesity as a disease, is that people might stop taking responsibility and say “oh sure, it’s genetics”, “oh, sure it’s bad luck”. They will go to their GP’s, hoping they can provide a pill that will solve the “disease”. And this pill does not exist – yet, anyway.

On the other hand, many people, once they have been diagnosed with a disease, such as diabetes or heart disease, actually do get a wake-up call and feel highly motivated to make some changes to their life-style and diet. READ MORE

 Today, you find advice on Healthy Eating and Lifestyle EVERY WHERE. In magazines, newspaper supplements, in your gym, in radio and TV programs, in cooking demostrations life or on TV, from your GP, from your friends and family, on the internet of course, on facebook pages etc etc.

It is fantastic now, that if you want to change to a healthier life-style, you will get the information. It is widely available. And that in itself is a good thing.

However, two problems with this:

1. Any advice can only be GENERAL advice and

2. It can be very confusing if the information contradicts itself.

So, despite there being so much information out there, there are 

1. still so many people who don't follow any advise

(because they are not motivated, they find it too difficult, they think they won't have the time, they are happy with all their "health issues", they are not aware that nutrition can play a role with their particular health issue, etc etc)


2. many people who actually do follow some advice, yet still experience health issues, issues with weight (and that can be not loosing weight or not gaining weight)

The reason for both of the above, is that all the advice you find widely available is GENERAL advice and not INDIVIDUAL! Most advice given cannot and does not look at YOUR health history and YOUR individual needs. You need to remember that WHAT IS GOOD FOR SOMEONE ELSE, MIGHT BE POISON FOR YOU!  READ MORE

"You are so lucky - you don't put on weight!" - Is it just luck or good genes that some people don't easily put on weight?

To be honest, I find it quite annoying when people say to me "You are so lucky - you don't put on weight!", "You must have really good genes that you don't put on weight!" or "You must have a really fast metabolism" (Some people say I am an ectomorph body type and that is the reason why I don't put on weight).

To me, it is the same in reverse, when people say: "I can't lose weight because I have a slow metabolism" or "I can't lose weight because I have a thyroid issue", or "It's in our family, we are all carrying excess weight or we are all big boned". 

What if I told you that you too can speed up your metabolism? more

 Leading a healthy life-style:

It’s not about longevity – it’s about the quality of life!

My father died at the age of 78 years. On the afternoon he died, he had been on the surfboard windsurfing in the Baltic Sea. The last photo on his phone, is of him in the wetsuit with his friends holding the boards. He died in the sauna that evening of heart failure. Suddenly – and totally unexpected. His plan had been to ride his motorbike the following 3 days all the way across Germany because the weather had been so good. 3 weeks prior he had competed in the National German Gymnastic championships. His last WhatApp video to me was of him at this competition doing a handstand.

Obviously, his heart was not as healthy as we all thought. (more)

With many shops now displaying Nutribullets, Kitchen-Machines, Juicers and many other appliances for healthy eating, I thought, it’s time to give my opinion on the NutriBullet.

First of all, there are also many copies out there now, and I can honestly not say which ones are good, but I’d suggest like for any of those appliances that you google the reviews on the technical side of them.

I’ve had my NutriBullet now for 2 years and I have to say I am loving it. And I am not using it to the full potential really. There are so many things you can do with it when you look up and google NutriBullet recipes. I basically use it only for my smoothie which I have every day that I train as post-training drink or on days where I simply don’t have the time to sit down to eat. more

This is a little background on Nutritional Therapy which I’ve now been studying for nearly 3 years. And there are 3 main things that strike me as really really important and I would like to share this with you today, so that you can be at you fullest health when you get to 50years!

I know that at 25 years of age you don’t really think or worry about what you’ll be like at 50. So, even if you don’t implement some of the suggestions right away, I hope that they will somehow stick and you will remember them when you need to.


The 3 things are:

1. Our Bodies are amazing!

2. Mind your Gut!

3. Balance your Blood Sugar!


Is eating bread healthy?


There was an article in the Health Supplement of the Irish Independent that really annoyed me. It concludes with:  "Like all good foods, bread should be an important part in everyone's diet. But unlike all foods, bread is such good value and is an inexpensive source of many of the nutrients our bodies need, whatever your age."


Choosing a Vegetarian or Vegan diet - my thoughts

I never really liked meat, I ate it as a kid because it was put in front of me, but often I would chew on meat for ages before secretely sneeking it to the dog under the table. Once I was living on my own, I rarely bought meat because I was disgusted by the feel of touching it. I would most of the time only cook meat from frozen to avoid having to touch the fleshy meat. At some stage when I was 25 I saw a documentary on how animals are kept for food production, I was so disgusted that I decided from one day to another to stop eating animals. I subsequently read tons of books and became more and more convinced that being a vegetarian is not only the right thing to do from an animal welfare point of view, but also a healthier way of living and that it is better for our environment. READ MORE

Several years ago, I brought a group of American tourists to Ashford Castle where we met a local guide who grew up in Cong in the 1950’s when the movie “The Quiet Man” was filmed. While his stories about John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, and the history of the castle were very interesting, the story of how he grew up during that time has stuck with me since. His family was living self-sufficiently and the only things they ever bought were tea, baking powder and salt. He joked “all the food we ate back then, is now called ‘organic’ and is sold for a fortune in the supermarkets”.  READ MORE